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IEEE Transactions LaTeX and Microsoft Word Style Files

General Information for Authors
PDF version of IEEE "Information for Authors" kit

LaTeX style and sample files are available below.

Frequently asked questions regarding LaTex and Word stylesheets

LaTeX Template:

As of 11 February 2003 we have posted new LaTeX templates
and have included bibliography style files.

  • For PC and Mac, use: LaTeX2e Transactions style file and bibliography style file.
  • For Unix, use: IEEEtran.tar.gz LaTeX2e Transactions style file and IEEEtranBST.tar.gz bibliography style file.

  • Note: Mac users can use either of the packages. However, Mac (especially OzTeX) users should be aware that they should not use text files Windows style line feeds. Therefore, if using, OzTeX users will have to convert the line feeds of any Windows style ASCII files (.txt, .sty, .tex, .bib, .bst, etc.) to Mac format before use or else the LaTeX parser will become confused and generate error messages. Most Mac text editors and word processors can easily perform this conversion. OzTeX will work with the UNIX releases(IEEEtran.tar.gz) without need of modification.
    PC users: If you have trouble unpacking these files, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of WinZip. Go to for a free download.
  • Note: If you experience any problems downloading the compressed files (zip or gz), please try right-clicking on the files and saving them to your computer first. Mac users can take advantage of Safari's built-in decompression capability.

Word Template for all Transactions except TMAG (see below):

Download the TRANS-JOUR.DOC author's template for Microsoft Word. This file contains a template for you to use in creating your paper. You may also download the TRANS-JOUR.PDF file if you just want the instructions and not the template.

Word Template for Transactions on Magnetics (Revised January 2005):

For IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, download the TRANSMAG.DOC author's instructions and template for Microsoft Word. If you plan to use LaTeX, you should download the LaTeX style and sample files above and you may prefer to download TRANSMAG.PDF, instead of TRANSMAG.DOC, for instructions. The instructions in TRANSMAG.DOC or TRANSMAG.PDF are obligatory for conference-related papers and are recommended for regular submissions.

IEEE Information for Authors

  • For specific information or problems with the LaTeX or Word templates, please send inquiries to:

  • For general information regarding Transactions and Journals, you may send inquiries to

  • To request a hard-copy version of Information for IEEE Transactions and Journal Authors, send email to

  • Here is a list of IEEE Publications showing the various fields of interest for each. It also contains the names and addresses of the technical editors of each publication.


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