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1 The R Project for Statistical Computing With R we refer to a language and an environment that provide a wide variety of Open Source (free software) tools for statistical and graphical techniques. Numerous packages for various applications form a library which is quite attractive for applications as linear/nonlinear modeling and time-series analysis, many statistical tests, classification, clustering and more, ...
Installation and other instructions Last change: 2009-12-14, by Duncan Murdoch
Download R 2.10.1 for Windows (32 Mb)
OR directly from here:
Download R 2.10.1 for Windows (32 Mb)
2 SCILAB = The open source platform for numerical computation (its homepage) SCILAB-5.1.1 = 83.62 Mb
3 Руководство по работе с пакетом SCILAB = Автор: Павлова М. И.
Часть I. Начальные сведения: Глава 1. Первые шаги. Настройка внутренних параметров пакета Глава 2. Типы переменных Глава 3. Программирование Глава 4. Базовые примитивы (обмен данными с окружением, работа с файлами и т.д.) Глава 5. Графика Глава 6. Интерфейс между C, Fortran и Scilab
Часть II. Библиотеки: Введение Глава 1.Линейная алгебра Глава 2. Интерполяция Глава 3. Интегрирование Глава 4. Дифференциальные уравнения Глава 5. Библиотека PVM сообщений Глава 6. Библиотека статистики Глава 7. Библиотека функций распределения Глава 8. Создание собственных библиотек Глава 9. Решение нелинейных уравнений
Система контроля уровня знаний по пакету Scilab
html-Руководство по работе с пакетом SCILAB
4 Master SCILAB! (Овладей SCILAB!) by Finn Haugen. 2 April 2008 Овладей SCILAB!
5 Master Scicos! (Овладей Scicos!) by Finn Haugen. 8 July 2008 Овладей Scicos!
6 Short html introduction to Scilab (Surendran K S) 2001 Aug 31 = Fichier = SCILAB_HELP.tar.gz (470,718 octets) || 2001 Aug 31= Fichier = SCILAB_HELP.zip (480,829 octets)
7 This website groups together the documentation SCILAB STEP-BY-STEP and several application programs written in Scilab language and running under the operating systems Windows, Linux, ... = WELCOME TO THE BIOSCILAB WEBSITE = Jacques-Deric Rouault - CNRS/INRIA SCILAB Documentation and support
8 Scilab Wiki = Scilab documentation + Installation and Compilation of Scilab + Scilab Graphics and GUI + From Matlab To Scilab + Technical and internal aspects of Scilab + How to use this Wiki + Contribution and Opensource + Scilab GIT repository Welcome on the Scilab wiki.
9 MATLAB-коды программ = Demonstration programs and source codes in MATLAB for algorithms listed in the textbook 'Kalman Filtering: Theory and Practice, Using MATLAB' by M. S. Grewal and A. P. Andrews, published by John Wiley and Sons, 2000. Programs and source codes in MATLAB
10 Welcome to InfoClearinghouse.com = Since 2001 Infoclearinghouse.com has provided documents on technical subjects including SCILAB mathematical software and the HP49G calculator. It still provides free documents on these and other subjects, but now with a new expanded "wiki" format. This means that users can now easily add content and edit current content to help share information with others. Some items from the InfoClearinghouse.com menu = LaTeX Applications | LaTex Resources | Maple | Scilab | Statistical Computing | Miscellaneous