Research Interests   (Prof. I.V. Semushin)  
  • Development and performance evaluation of system identification and fault detection methods
  • Applied adaptive filtering and control in signal or image processing, navigation, econometrics, and other fields
  • Computer simulation based on advanced numerical methods of algebra, calculus and optimization
  • Grid-interactive service-oriented computing environments
  • Educational modes * Computer aided education resources
  Fields of Interest by Russian Field Classification (GRNTI):  
  • 28.19.00 Cybernetics Control Systems Theory
  • 27.41.23 Machine, Graphical and Other Methods of Computational Mathematics
  • 50.41.00 Application Software for Computers, Computer Complexes and Networks
  Fields of Interest by American Field Classification (AMS):  
  62-xx   Statistics:
  • 62F03   Hypothesis testing
  • 62J20   Diagnostics  
  • 62M20   Prediction;
  65-xx   Numerical analysis:
  • 65C20   Models, numerical methods
  • 65Fxx   Numerical linear algebra
  • 65Pxx   Numerical problems in
    dynamical systems
  93-xx   Systems theory; control
  • 93Exx Stochastic systems and
   90C-xx   Mathematical programming:
  • 90C31 Sensitivity, stability, parametric optimization