Developed Initiatives  
Initiative Title
Co-author Consortium of Three Universities: Korolev Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) Samara, Russia, and Ulyanovsk State University (USU) Ulyanovsk, Russia, and Texas Tech University (TTU) Memorandum of Agreement signed by all three parties, October 2007. The Visit of Russian delegation (of 5 members) to TTU organized and successfully completed.
2005 International Co-Chair for Russia, Focus Symposium Organizer Concurrent Engineering CE-2005 Focus Symposium on "Recursive Dynamics and Iterated Mappings in Service Modeling and Design" 25-29 July, 2005, Renaissance Worthington Hotel, Ft. Worth/Dallas, USA Organized a Focus-Symposium at the 12-th International Conference CE-2005 (18 papers presented from different universities of Russia, United Kingdom and USA)
2004 Member of IPC, Mini-Symposium Co-organizer "ECCOMAS-2004 Mini-Symposium on Dynamic and Evolutionary Methods in Replication-Selection Systems". 4-th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, ECCOMAS-2004, July 24-28, 2004, Jyvaskyla, Finland Assisted to Organize a Mini-Simposium (8 papers presented from USU)
2004 Member of IPC, Reviewer Membership in the IPC (International Program Committee) of The 11th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, CE-2004 - Beijing, China Reviewed 8 papers
2004 Co-leader SCALE (Stochastic, Cybernetic and Adaptive Logistic Engineering) The initiative united 19 universities of 7 countries: Finland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the USA. See at SCALE
2003 Member of IPC, Workshop Organizer Workshop on Recursive and adaptive signal/image processing - RASIP. The 3d International Conference on Computational Science, - St. Petersburg, Russia, and Melbourne, Australia Organized and conducted a Workshop (5 papers presented from USU and 2 from USTU)
2003 Member of IPC, Workshop Organizer Workshop on Concurrent Engineering for Addressing Uncertainty. The 10th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, - Madeira, Portugal Organized a Workshop (5 papers presented from USU)
1993 Negotiator and the first Director (Dean-Organizer) of RusAmCo, - the initiative by Lomonossov Moscow State University Branch in Ulyanovsk Establishing Russian / American College in the structure of Lomonossov Moscow State University Branch at Ulyanovsk Prepared documents and negotiated with the leadership of Oklahoma City University about establishing RusAmCO, Oklahoma City, USA, October 1993 and USA Embassy in Moscow, November 1993. RusAmCO was established in 1995. Transformed into Russian / American Faculty of the Ulyanovsk State University in 2000
Member of the working group headed by Prof. Yury V. Polyanskov to create a conception of establishing a new university in Ulyanovsk Producing documents for Mathematics and Mechanics School organization and beginning admission to Applied Mathematics Major in the new university firstly established as Lomonossov Moscow State University Branch at Ulyanovsk, Ulyanovsk, Russia Developed "The Memo" concerning the necessity to organize Mathematics and Mechanics School and to open admission to Applied Mathematics Major. Based on it, Mathematics and Mechanics School was organized in 1988 and the admission process to the School started the same year