Proposed Course (and then Diploma) Work Topics   (Prof. I.V. Semushin)  

Mathematical Information Technology
  1. Ellipsoid Method in Linear Programming
  2. Inner-Point Method in Linear Programming
  3. Integer Linear Programming Methods
  4. Network Optimization
  5. Interactive Optimazation Systems
  6. Muliobjective Interactive Optimazation Systems
  7. Methods and Tools for Solving Aldebraic Eigenvalue Problem
  8. Methods and Tools for Numetical Differentiating
  9. Modern Numerical Methods for Least Squares
  10. Total Least Squares for Function Dependancy Restoradion and Improving Image Quality
  11. Adaptive Filtering for Systems with Cross-correlated Noises
  12. Volatility and Correlation Analysis in the Market Models
  13. Modeling Market Risk Portfolio
  14. Stochastic Mogeling Finance Series
  15. Soft Modeling and Forecasting in Ecology
  16. Multicollinearity Problems in Regression Modeling and Analysis

Decision Making Technology
  1. Detection of Abrupt Changes in Stochastic Dynamic System Models
  2. Speech-like Signal Segmentation in Very Noisy Environments
  3. Computer Models for Decision Making Systems in Logistics

System Modeling, Analysis and Design Technology
  1. Neuron Networks in Traffic Optimization and Pattern Recognition
  2. Inertial Navigation System Instrumental Error Budget Analysis within a Combined Navigation System

Computer Science and Education
  1. Flash-animation Tools to Support the Discrete Mathematics Course