Vladimir V. UCHAIKIN

1941, a Russian physicist and mathematician, Dr. of Science, Professor, Honoured educationalist of higher Russian school, the author (coauthor) of about 200 articles and books devoted mainly to the stochastic transport theory, cosmic ray physics, stochastic fractal systems and processes.

PRESENT POSITION: Ulyanovsk State University - the head of the chair of theoretical and mathematical physics. Ulyanovsk, Russia


1959-1973 Tomsk Polytechnical University - student, post-graduate student, junior member of teaching, senior lecturer, the head of the chair of theoretical and experimental physics.
1973-1990 Altai State University - reader, the head of the chair of theoretical physics, the dean of the physical faculty, vice-rector.
1990-1995 Moscow State University - professor, head of a chair, dean of the physical-technical faculty, vice-rector of the MSU branch in Ulyanovsk.
1995- 2000 Ulyanovsk State University - head of the chair of theoretical and mathematical physics, the director of Institute for Theoretical Physics.


1996 - Max-Planck-Institute fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany.

2000 - The Institute of Mathematics at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland.

2002, 2003, 2004 - Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research, The Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

2004 - Max-Planck-Institute fuer Physik Komplexer Systems Dresden, Germany.


Present field of interest:
-- Monte Carlo methods,
-- integro-differential equations of fractional orders and their applications,
-- Levy-stable statistics and processes with an infinite variance,
-- stochastic fractal structures,
-- random processes with memory,
-- anomalous diffusion,
-- non-Debay relaxation,
-- plasma turbulence,
-- large scale structure of the Universe.

Scientific biography and main results:
The Ph.D. thesis of V.V. Uchaikin concerned application of the perturbation theory to theoretical problems of radiation shielding and gamma-defectoscopy. His main results of that period are the theory of images blurred by Compton scattering of radiation, the Monte Carlo algorithm of calculation of influence of local inhomogeneities, generalized perturbation theory applied to transition effects in cosmic ray physics.

Since 1973 till 1989, V.V. Uchaikin worked in the Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia ). His scientific group became known through development of stochastic transport theory for high-energy particles in cosmic rays, introducing the adjoint approach to cascade theory, numerical investigation of the spatial distributions in electromagnetic component of extensive atmospheric showers (EAS), creation of the two-component model of stochastic fluctuations in EAS, the transport theory in random media, the variational method of interpolation of solutions of integro-differential equations and based on it sensitivity analysis. Some of the results are used now in different codes of processing of cosmic ray arrays data (in particular, in the code "CORSIKA"). His second, Sc.D. thesis was titled "Concept of Stochastical Importance and its Applications to Transport Problems" and defended at the meeting-point of two sciences: Nuclear Physics and Geophysics.

In 1995, V.V.Uchaikin found a new scientific direction in Ulyanovsk State University (Ulyanovsk, Russia): numerical simulation of stochastic fractals, fractal diffusion and diffusion on fractals. He developed conception of mesofractals applied to the large-scale structure of the Universe, calculated of penetration of light in such structures, offered a new model of non-Debye relaxation, investigated the new class of statistical distributions called "fractional stable distributions" and a new class of random processes - subordinated Levy motion, created the code for simulations of such distributions and processes, investigated new regimes of anomalous diffusion, stated the difference between fractal diffusion and diffusion on fractals. About 50 articles have been published in these direction including the book "CHANCE AND STABILITY: Stable Distributions and their Applications" (V.V. Uchaikin and V.M. Zolotarev, series Modern Probability and Statistics, VSP, Utrecht, 1999, 570 p.).


Main scientific papers (1997-2003)

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Main Monographs

  1. V.V. Uchaikin, V.M. Zolotarev,
    Chance and Stability. Stable Distributions and their Applications.
    Netherlands, Utrecht, VSP, - 570p. (1999).
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  6. A.M. Kolchuzhkin,V.V.Uchaikin.
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Prof. Vladimir V. UCHAIKIN
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